You are a surface designer (or you want to become one) but there are so many possibilities open to designers that you do not know where to turn, what avenues you should follow to achieve your full potential. You don't want to make bad decisions and realize in a few months that your business doesn't look like you at all.
Belle jeune artiste
Hello. I am Manon Jodoin, surface pattern designer and publisher.

As a former librarian and editor, I know what it is like to search for the right information, to organize large amounts of tasks and documents.

As a surface designer, I know the questions and needs of my peers.

I have created practical notebooks and tools to help you make the right decisions and organize your business in an optimal way for YOU.
You have decisions to make. You want to get organized and have a clear action plan. You want to be able to structure your work and create a business that looks like you.  There are so many courses, groups for which you have to spend several hundred dollars. Which ones are worth the effort? Before jumping into expensive expenses, it's best to take the time to have a clear plan and a solid foundation.

Where are you in your career?


You study the field


Yes, I want to know if the

surface design

It's for me.


You lay the foundations


Yes, I want a solid foundation for my business.


You build your business

Oui, je veux savoir si le

design de surface

c'est pour moi.


Yes i want to build  a company that looks like ME.