Have you ever had the feeling of being on your X.
To feel in the right place, to be completely in harmony with yourself?

Where to see my patterns
and products?
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Here you will find fabric, wallpaper, curtains, duvet covers, tablecloths and other home decor items.

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You will find wallpaper, items for the office (cups, notebooks, clocks ...) or for the outdoors (beach towel, cushions, bench ...).

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You will find items for babies and to decorate his room.

Example of products

It is this happiness that I experience every day at work since I discovered the surface pattern design.  

I spent the first part of my professional life surrounded by books. Managing a school library led me, among other things, to choose books, organize them, recommend them, evaluate them.

Since I was little, I have always been attracted to entrepreneurship. So what could be more natural than to branch out into publishing? First the publication of signage material for children's libraries, then the publication of books.

But sometimes life forces us to question everything. When my family had to move over 4000 km, I closed the publishing house.

I now had a lot more free time, so I resumed painting lessons that I had abandoned 25 years earlier. Art, like books and entrepreneurship, has always been more or less a part of my life. So I started to paint, to get involved in a group of artists until I worked in a gallery in western Canada.  

Then another move, to California this time, once again made me start from scratch. While looking for a painting class, I came across a watercolor teacher. I, who wanted to resume my acrylic painting lessons, discovered a new medium that looked more like me. A medium that paints itself almost as long as it is given the chance. I like to paint with the wet-on-wet technique, using materials that create strange shapes, accidents that I love to face. So I started to watercolor thoroughly. I was also brought to participate in the creation of a new gallery, to exhibit and sell my works, to be part of an exceptional community of artists. You can see my painting portfolio here .

Then we had to move again. Barely settled in our new city, the pandemic struck. We were just my husband and I in a foreign city, housebound. Him in his office. Me in my studio. But the heart was not in the painting.

So I took all the time I had to learn the basics of computer graphics and… I discovered surface pattern design. I fell in love. I spent a year, taking every class I could, experimenting with a bunch of designs, learning as much as I could, creating multiple collections.  

I had found something that reconciled my love of art, organization and entrepreneurship. A world opened up before me. A whole world. There are so many possibilities with the surface pattern design that it is very easy to get lost in it.

Was I going to create for the fashion world? Interior decoration? To make greeting cards? Sell under license? Use print-on-demand sites? Create my own brand of products? Sell digital products?

I needed a plan. I had to organize myself. And what does a librarian do when she needs information and organization? She looks for books to answer her questions, notebooks to organize herself.

I didn't find much. So, as a good former editor that I am, I created (and continue to do) the tools I needed to feel in control, to make the right decisions for myself. I then decided to share it with my peers.

Then a last, and very recent, move finally brought me home to Montreal. Since then, I feel on my X. Totally. What I do as a surface pattern designer is combine my love of art and entrepreneurship. Then, creating my downloadable notebooks and tools fills my love for books and organization. I can now reconcile all the facets of my work in a single entity that resembles me and that I can put at the service of others.

What I like about publishing is the feeling of participating in the development of others, of my peers. The feeling of sharing what I know and also learning every day.  

What I particularly like in Art is freedom.  The freedom to create imperfect images like life, the freedom to choose colors according to the emotion of the moment, the freedom to express without words.

What I like about entrepreneurship is also freedom. The freedom to choose my projects, to change my course, to be in control. Hope I can help you be in control of your business too.

How I drew my baby gnome:

Baby gnome

Baby gnome

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