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Help creators to create.




Inspire and help entrepreneurs to create the products of their dreams thanks to collections of illustrations and original surface patterns, also thanks to informative and / or inspiring documents.




Be Positive

Be Human

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My cause

I really believe that by helping women, especially women entrepreneurs, we can help an entire village. That's why, every month, I invest 10% of my business income in micro-loans to women around the world who want to start or grow a business. To do this, I trust

So far I have been able to make more than 150 micro-loans. As soon as the repayments come in, I reinvest them in new loans.

An easy way to make a little difference starting with    $25.



Have you ever felt like you were on your X?

It is this happiness that I experience every day at work since I discovered surface pattern design. 

I spent the first part of my professional life surrounded by books. The management of a school library to start, then book publishing.  I have always been interested in entrepreneurship. But life sometimes forces us to question everything. When my family had to move more than 4000 km away, I closed the publishing house.

I now had a lot more free time, so I took up painting lessons that I had abandoned 25 years earlier. Art, like books and entrepreneurship, has always been more or less part of my life. So I started painting, getting involved in a group of artists until working in a gallery in Western Canada, then in California. Then we had to move again. Barely settled in our new city, the pandemic hit. The heart was not in the paint.

So I took all the time I had to learn the basics of computer graphics and…I discovered surface pattern design. I fell in love. I spent a year taking classes, experimenting with loads of designs, learning as much as I could, creating multiple collections. 

I had found something that reconciled my love of art, organization and entrepreneurship. A world opened up before me. Everyone. There are so many possibilities with surface pattern design that it is very easy to get lost.

I needed a plan. I had to organize myself. And what does a librarian do when she needs information and organization? She looks for books to answer her questions, notebooks to get organized.

I didn't find much. So, as a good ex-publishor that I am, I created (and continue to do so) the tools I needed to feel in control, to make the right decisions for myself. I then decided to share it with my peers.

Then a last, and recent, move finally brought me home to Montreal. Since then, I feel on my X. Totally. What I do as a surface pattern designer is to combine my love of art and entrepreneurship. Then, creating my notebooks and downloadable tools fulfills my love for books and organization. I can now reconcile all the facets of my work in a single entity that looks like me and that I can put at the service of others.

What I love about publishing is the feeling of participating in the development of others, of my peers. The feeling of sharing what I know and also learning every day. 

What I particularly like in Art is the freedom. The freedom to create imperfect images like life, the freedom to choose colors according to the emotion of the moment, the freedom to express without words.

What I like about entrepreneurship is also the freedom. The freedom to choose my projects, to change my path, to be in control. I hope I can help you be in control of your business too.

If, like me, you want to organize your creative business, discover the tools I propose.

Manon Jodoin

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