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2023 Planner
for Creative Entrepreneur

Digital file.


This 2023 dated planner contains:


  • Daily, weekly, and monthly pages, all linked to the index.

  • For each month: calendar of the month, personal budget, wellness page, goal planner, and a monthly review.

  • Wellness section 

  • General to-do list

  • Extra section with a contact list, gratitude journal, challenge tracker, cleaning list, and more.



But most importantly...

  • A large Business section with an overview of your business, a SWOT analysis, a trade show planner, templates for your social media tracking, newsletters planner, and your advertising campaigns. You can also plan your new products.

  • A special section to prepare your monthly business budgets, track your contracts, subscriptions, revenues, and product costs. 

The 2nd edition is now available on Amazon


Create patterns with different layouts: 18 Contemporary Surface Pattern Designers will inspire you to use different layouts to enhance your seamless pattern collection.

Do you want to improve your seamless pattern collection? Do you tend to repeat the same layout over and over again? Discover how 18 designers render 14 different layouts to create patterns in their respective styles. Whether it's strictly following the rules or interpreting a layout very freely, all of these artists will inspire you to explore each of the following layouts in your own unique style.

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